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2008 North Dakota Simmental Association Classic Sale

Thank you to the people who purchased our genetics!

Sale Report
December 20, 2008
Bismarck, ND

Homozygous Polled

Ariela is a red heifer that is so complete. Her photo is exactly how she looks. She is the best one all her flush sisters. It was hard to part with her because she is the kind I would like to keep to build my herd around. Ariela's dam is Erika's donor cow, Shania, and has consistently produced top end bulls and females. There will be several full brothers to Ariela in the Kenner Sale in February. Shania is near her end of production and all the rest of the embryos were implanted to calve this year, so there will not be many more chances for Shania progeny. Ariela would make a great junior project and could compete at the Regional Classic.

Thank you to Larry & Michelle Tourdot of Reedsburg, WI for purchasing Ariela!
High-selling heifer of the sale!


Kayla has done it again! Utara is so deep bodied and functional with a very sweet disposition. Kayla seems to work with any mating and this one is no different. There are several full brothers in the bull sale pen for February! Here is a chance to buy a heifer from a very proven cow family. Kayla has so much influence in our herd and all of the Kayla females continue to produce as she has.

Thank you to Wacey Dahl, Sawyer, ND for purchasing Utara!


KS Kayla J497 ASA#: 2031670

GW Lucky Man 644N ASA#: 2223338
Thank you to all who purchased the embryo packages!
We are excited to see what they do for you in your programs!

Selling two packages of 4 embyros by Kayla and Lucky Man again! They are all Grade #1 embryos and must be implanted by a certified technician. We guarantee two pregnancies for each package. Two years ago we sold a package of Kayla x Lucky Man embryos to Tom Cain, of Raisin Cain Cattle Company. He sold two of the heifers in the Field of Dreams sale in 2008. Kayla has been a consistent producer through the years and many of her progeny have gone to bull studs and females have gone on to be donors. There are several matings selling in the Kenner Sale in February this year by Kayla and a heifer in this sale - KS Utara U282. What a great genetic opportunity!.

Projected EPDs: 7 2 49 88 3 9 34 17.25 -.02 .23 .01 .30

KS Kayla J497 x GW Lucky Man - Purchased by Ketterling Brothers, Wishek, ND
KS Kayla J497 x GW Lucky Man - Purchased by Daren Rafferty, New England, ND

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